Are you a variety or circus performer? Do you need help in raising your level of Performance? I have broad experience in helping artists improve their works, create new material, and become the artist they wish to be.

I am available to work privately with you or your group. My goal is to help you find Consistency in your performances. Solo, duet, and small group artists often work in avacuum, self-directing and struggling to know how to shape their material and find thenuance that will elevate the quality of their work.


Over the past forty years, I have worked with directors (including Tony Montanaro,Robert Post, and Judy Gailen) on my own performance in order to have a subjective outside eye that will help me achieve my own goals as an artist and performer. I have alsoworked as Movement Director for numerous plays, helping actors with movement, character, and physical comedy. Over the past ten years, I have worked with youngperformers who are new to the art form and creating their first works, including helpingJared Mongeau and Sarah Norden create (successful!) audition pieces for Circus Smirkus.For more information, or answers to your questions, contact me here.


"Michael Trautman is an exceptional director and instructor for both adults and children. He is incredibly creative and able to challenge students to improve and grow under his tutelage. It was a pleasure working with him for two years at Circus Maine."
– Cory Tabino, former Cirque du Soleil performer and Director of Maine Circus Academy's Professional Program

"Michael Trautman has helped me to grow immensely as a clown. Not only is he extremely talented and experienced, but he shares his passion for clowning and mime with ease. He was instrumental in the creation of both of my Smirkus audition acts, and each time I was impressed with how patient and dedicated he was."
– Sarah Norden, Circus Smirkus alumni, current student at Ecole Nationale du Cirque in Montreal