Michael Trautman is available for Artist-in-Residencies, workshops, and ongoing classes for students in Grade 4 and up. His BODY TALK assembly program and related classes can provide students with valuable tools for becoming better and more effective at communicating with others in any situation from one-to-one conversations to public speaking. Self-confidence and self-esteem are strengthened when we begin to feel that we have control over our bodies, our gestures, and our non-verbal communication skills.

Michael has been performing and teaching in K-12 schools since 1977. With over 4000 assembly performances and numerous Artist-in-Residencies in schools, his commitment to the principal that “Art IS education” has guided his development of a program that teaches students how to understand and use Body Language, the only universal form of communication.


“When you ask anyone what languages they speak, they list English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc., but they never say “body language”. The fact is, everyone already uses body language all the time. My goal is to help people become aware of what it is, what the body says when it gestures, and how to use it and find ways to increase their movement vocabulary, and by doing so, become better communicators.”

For more detailed information about Michael’s curriculum, click here: Clown, Mime, Performance Creation.