Michael offers theater performance, special event entertainment, and workshops in Mime, Clown, and Movement for colleges and universities.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS – Michael has been creating and performing since 1977. His

solo theater pieces range from four minutes sketches to full evening clown-theater plays.

Drawing from his broad repertoire, he creates an evening concert performance of mime,

clown, magic, juggling, audience participation, storytelling, and joy.


KING PONG’S PING PONG RODEO – What happens when you lock a clown in a room

with a thousand ping pong balls? KING PONG! The Human Pop Gun! Michael, aka

KING PONG, performs Magic, Juggling, Audience Participation, and the only target-

shooting, ping pong-spitting act in the world. KING PONG! It’s not what you would