Michael’s ability to perform without depending on language has taken him to festivals

around the world, including Prague Mime Festival (Czech Republic), Festival d’Aurillac

(France), Carnevale (Venice, Italy), Moisture Festival (Seattle), Milano Clown Festival

(Italy), Kim Tom Clown Festival (Shanghai, China), Daidogai World Cup (Japan), and

Children’s Theater Festivals all across Canada.

Whether your festival is indoors or out, Michael can bring a show that is appealing to

audiences of all ages.


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS – Michael has been creating and performing since 1977. His

solo theater pieces range from four minutes sketches to full evening clown-theater plays.

Drawing from his broad repertoire, he creates an evening concert performance of mime,

clown, magic, juggling, audience participation, storytelling, and joy.


KING PONG’S PING PONG RODEO – What happens when you lock a clown in a room

with a thousand ping pong balls? KING PONG! The Human Pop Gun! Michael, aka

KING PONG, performs Magic, Juggling, Audience Participation, and the only target-

shooting, ping pong-spitting act in the world. KING PONG! It’s not what you would expect-orate!